A Song to A Sister

photo 5 (1)

I never had a little sister. I have one cousin, we used to be so sisters-alike. But, still, we’re not siblings. We’re just family.I forgot when I wrote this song. This is for my little sister which I never had, or, this is the ‘present me’ telling ‘me in the past’, about stuffs, like a big sister tell her little sister. Because, I’ve regret to many things. Fuck the time, we can’t go back and fix that. Or maybe, past is just shattered pieces to construct our present?

“A Song to A Sister”

Don’t believe what they said until you’ve had it
Don’t believe what it said, if it wasn’t there.
See what you’re going to see, but seeing isn’t always believing.
I’ve been so through and lost in the world
So I tried to track back and found nothing left.
Feel awkward to tell you this, I just love you, no matter what.
Please promise me, you won’t regret a thing.
With the immature image of yourself, i just too grow up to tell.


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