Kumpulan Status Facebook 2009-2010

Ringkasan Status Facebook Favorit 2009-2010

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

– Quote by Bob Marley (status facebook yunisa putri, 8 november 2009)


And sometimes we find that life is just a simple song, even the saddest songs have a human face.

– Lisa Ono (status facebook yunisa putri, 21 november 2009)


I’ve came to this point where I’m sure that some girl aren’t meant to be happy bout their independency. Oh yes they just can’t argue why they just get everything they need except love.

– Status facebook Yunisa Putri, 24 december 2009. (hahaha galau bet njir)


Don’t deny yourself of the things you want. Because what is denied, becomes strongly desired.

– via #ihatequotes on twitter (Status facebook yunisa putri, 7 maret 2010)


Tempat ini tidak banyak berubah, aromanya masih kukenal, suasananya masih lekat di kepala. Seketika timbul luapan memori masa-masa kecil, tapi dulu tak sesepi ini. Kuhirup suasananya seolah tak kan lagi kujengkali.

– Status facebook yunisa putri, 26 maret 2010


Avast, me hearties! Weigh anchor! Hoist the mizzen!!! Yo-ho-ho

– Status facebook yunisa putri, 11 agustus 2010


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