Kepikiran Karena Foto Vulgar

photo 3 (1)

Setelah melihat timeline si nona vulgar yang fenomenal dan seperti cuplikan film porno, gue jadi kepikiran dan gatel pengen komentar.

Menurut gue, mengelitiki laki-laki ga perlu pake fantasi yang literal banget loh. Ada juga lelaki yang lebih geli jika di-seduce dengan komunikasi. Why?

1. Men appreciate confidence,

2. Men prefer woman who is fully being herself,

3. Men are craving to know how to make you feels good.

Once you could ‘communicate’ those with your body language or verbally, till you both aware of each other’s comfiness, you’re their goddess.
I think girls who are smart enough, are definitely better lover. Because they know how to dive deep down to meet your soul, arousing your mind, while pleasing every inch of your burning nerves.

Men are dying to see your secretive dark world, your purest human nature before the moral adjustment, your very basic instinct; wilderness. It’s not only about physical. It’s about the meeting of two lonely soul, being one and complete. That’s where the heaven supposed to be.


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