You absurd little thing…

“I didn’t much like saying goodbye yesterday, you absurd little globe-trotter; you’d still be with me right now, full of good little smiles, if you didn’t have that strange mania for gobbling up kilometers. Where the devil are you, anyway? This morning I was mourning for you because it was gray out and I imagined you at the summit of your little mountain looking up, with a stubborn expression, at a sea of gray clouds, like a fisherman gazing at his cork bobbing on the water… I love you very much, absurd little thing”

-Sartre love letter to Beauvoir


What Made Sartre and Beauvoir Are the Best Couple in the World

“Didn’t we all want an intellectual partner with whom we could share our work, ideas, and slightest thoughts? Didn’t everyone want to write in Paris cafés amid the clatter of coffee cups and the hubbub of voices, and spend their summers in Rome in complicated but apparently harmonious foursomes? Who wanted monogamy when one could have freedom and stability, love affairs and commitment?”