Deduction Game!

I'm not trying to be Sherlock. The only thing I'm willing to try is to be Mrs. Cumberbatch.

I’m not trying to be Sherlock. The only thing I’m willing to try is to be Mrs. Cumberbatch.

It’s Deducting Time!

This is probably my favorite game among others. Honestly, I don’t have a name for it. Not that I didn’t think about some possibilities, I just haven’t found the right one to depict the whole notion of it. Some of you may call it ‘observation game’. In general, it could be seen like that. But I wouldn’t say so because this game is ‘technically’ played in the less observant way. No obvious heed, no signal of repetitive attention. It’s about entertaining oneself by looking other people’s behavior all around, in the most subtle way. And later, you have to make brief (and fun)deduction of it.

There is only one rule: there is no rule at all. Why? Because you have your own way and pattern to finish the game. No winning, no losing. No right and no wrong.
And how about the tools or instrument needed? It needs three sensory organs of yours, optimized into desirable sensitivity and strength. You basically need your eyes, your nose, and your ears to work together cleverly and subtlety in harmony. It’s rather tricky, especially when working with your visual sensory. You don’t want to be caught as a very impolite stranger who keeps staring like an idiot, a flirtatious passive aggressive loner, or a person who believes he or she has a telekinetic power.
It doesn’t require a skillful technique. Every sensation and stimuli has its meaning. You could translate whether it’s a date or an affair just by smelling someone’s perfume, or the way they dress. You have to be quick-minded and pretty imaginative. Just a tiny bit or imagination and voila, you’re up for it. You can play this game au pair, or solo. Whatever you may, it’s fun for both sides.

Give Me the Instructions!

Okay, I’ll show you how to play it by giving you a case.

It just happened recently. I was in a coffee shop. In the corner of my eyes I saw a man and a woman. The woman leaned forward, resting her chest on the side of the table while talking. She made a lot of gestures with her hands and head. Sometime she tilted her head, and the next time she nodded, like agreeing her own statement. One time she looked to her right while making gestures (and talking), pointing her finger to the emptiness. She could be angry, but it is clear that it was just a mimic. I assume she was a bit infuriated.

In a glimpse, you can see a fighting couple (that’s why they caught me eyes from the first place). Because the way she talked was a bit too expressive, like too much emotions spilled there. On the other side, the guy seemed relax and totally laid-back. His arms are folded to his chest but I could see a tinge of smile from his right cheek (that’s because I could only see his behind on my point of view). Seeing his gestures, we could conclude that he seemed concern with the topic, but disinterested. At least we know that he is not the object of that woman’s rage.

So how I see that he was probably bored? He seemed like his back was attached to the chair, and folded his arms. Folded arms are a sign of disagreement, defense, or boredom. He did this as the woman kept leaning herself to the table, like pushed him further to the topic she was pursuing.
Some other minutes went by. They suddenly stopped talking, and kept themselves busy with their phones. It lasted more than 15 minutes for all I care. It’s apparent now what kind of deductions we might have here.

First, it’s obvious that they’re not in relationship. People who are in love wouldn’t sit across from each other, unless they were sitting in the table of two. But they were sitting in a table of four which doesn’t make any sense not to sit next to each other, IF they’re in relationship.
And it’s clearly NOT a date. No sign of shyness, they kept looking on their phones, no consensus, no glittering eyes, no sign of comprehending process, no forced giggle (believe me, I’ve been through a lot of dates to prove this).

The way he reacted to her story is probably a sign of disinterest or he just didn’t really understand what’s going on. He could be too ignorant to grasp, OR he just doesn’t work in that place where the situation (which she was in) happened, because he only listened to compromise. And also the portion of her talking compared to his wasn’t close to fairness.
Why I concluded that ‘tragedy’ is situated in her office? She was wearing a formal outfit (worker’s typical), I’m pretty sure it just happened that noon regarding the way she expressed her deception; she was still hot-headed. And hey, the guy didn’t wear any formal outfit so I was right; he is not her coworker.

Well, I wouldn’t go much further because this is just an example.

What’s the Use of this deduction game?

Nothing. No practical use at all. But you will make a good story in your head just by seeing their actions. You may write those deductions on a piece of paper then, put your imagination to craft a good story. Isn’t it exciting? (If you say no, I wouldn’t be offended, it’s okay)
Basically you can play this almost everywhere. Varieties of places will get you to see odd enough characters and story. Like a fail date, a newly lesbian couple, an affair, a marriage on its brink, and so on.
So? Ready to play along?

P.S. If you want to tag me to play this game with you, just let me know. I’ll be most delighted to play on a team!




If you ask me how I see the life, I might have no answer for that. But if you ask me how I see human being, I might have various answers.

Someone once asked me, what do I want to be? Do I want to be a big fish in the pond, or a small fish in the ocean?

His question however shaped me for who I am now. It helped me emphasizing my goal and focus on it in a way I don’t really understand. (Thanks anyway, you’re amazing).

But then this question rooted somewhere else; since then, I can’t stop seeing fishes everywhere.

If I ever write a memoir, I’d put ‘self-alienation’ as one of my favorite agendas. In that time, I’d take myself away from the reality, wading across time and spaces where the clock stops, while perfectly sit and still. I could observe humans very well in that time. Humans remind me of fishes. They swim, here and there. They eat whatever comes to their faces, not the other fishes, but anything inferior, that is any less strong predator, which is lower than them on the hierarchy or food chain.

They swim without any clear direction; some of them love to repeat the pattern, some of them just submissively follow the waves. As vaguely as it could be, they’ll keep repeating it.

Because there’s no fixated destination maybe is why they can’t stop swimming. It also could be that they think at some point they’ll arrive somewhere in anyhow. But where? Nobody knows. Nobody really cares because they have their own beliefs.

Will you end up in a frying pan? Or in a bowl? Or in the hand of a sushi master? Or that you lucky enough to choose your destiny, you’re just aging and die? Is it matter anyway?

What are these fishes doing?

What are they think they’re doing?

Isn’t it odd that these fishes are keep swimming without knowing what is going on?


(At least Dawkins is right, our ancestors are fishes)