I Might Give Up On Skirt, Thanks to You Pervies

So yeah, it sucks to be a woman (note that I’m saying this in a very sarcastic tone). I guess I’m damned with this ‘hysteria’ that lies under my skin. It’s very hard to be one because society however ‘controls’ the way you talk, behave, dress, act, etc. If you don’t match the minimum requirements (I’m not saying ‘religious’, let’s not start with that), then you’re nothing but a *insert any name here*, *and here*, *and here*.

Why can’t we have the same privilege as men, to do whatever the shit we want to do? Why can’t women feel safe going out by herself night and day? Why can’t we dress up whatever the hell we want? Why can’t we feel comfortable by the way we are without your eyes leeching off like parasites?

So to speak, I love skirt; long, medium, short. Boys must be missing out, they don’t how skirts could liberate you that no pants would ever be able to (exception for transvestites). Anyway, yesterday I wore my favorite skirt. Skort, to be exact. It’s a short that perfectly disguises as a skirt. I waited for my boyfriend to pick me up to work on this side of the road and it kills me inside every time I saw people took a double check – even staring — at my thighs (even they are not the best thighs in the world. “Ginuk”, my bf once called them. They’re just regular thighs layered with fat– yet nutritious. Lawl). I went to a stall to buy mineral water and guess what? The owner talked to my thighs. Literally. He even took multiple checks on them, as if he wanted to make sure they were real. I took the bottle and managed to find a seat near that stall, trying to forget what just happened.

Apparently, you can’t wear short skirt AND smoking at the same time. Things were just getting worse.

When I was sitting there, there was this guy on a bike slowly approaching (at the same time, checking at my thighs) and carefully parked his bike next to me. I wasn’t sure what he wanted to do there because I kept looking at my phone. Minutes later he decided to buy mineral water from the same stall, then lighted his cigs while still sitting on his bike. I called my boyfriend if I could wait someplace else because I was starting to feel uncomfortable. Then I decided to wait in a food stall nearby, located 200m from the previous one. I was ordering hot tea when I realized that creepy guy already seated next to me, ordering the same thing. What. The. Heck. Realizing that this is a red flag — and since there were only few people in there– I tried to be cool while looking for a chance to find a different seat. Finally my boyfriend came and the drama ended.

Then it strikes me. Should I really give up on wearing skirt for the sake of my security? Don’t even make me start with rape myth (I can’t believe there is actually something that is dumb and gross at the same time) where people believe women are responsible for the victimization like “Of course she got raped, she dressed like a whore”. Don’t even dare to tell me to cover myself, it doesn’t solve anything.

Fuck free will, for there’s no such thing. And the options are more limited for those who were born with boobs and uterus. HOW SAD IS THAT?


Do Female Characters on Video Games Are ‘Harming’ Our Body Image?

As a child, I grew as a stay-at-home kid. Me and my older brother didn’t have any friends around the neigbourhood beside our school friends. So other than piano dan painting course, we spent most of the free time by reading books, comics, and playing video game. I hardly remember what was the first console we had in our home (I assumed it’s Sega), but I remembered that we played a lot. Raised as a daughter where the environment was build upon ‘precise dichotomy’ between girls and boys, I found most of the games back then were so ‘masculine’ (except Tetris) and highly themed with Damsell in Distress where men are aggressive and women are passively waiting to be rescued (Yes, by saying that I was talking about Mario Bross). Meanwhile, I was dreaming to have a hero that represents me as a female.

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The second console came a bit late. It was on Playstation, circa 1996, where I first played Tekken. Most of the games bore me; fighting, racing, always led by the male prontagonist. Then a bit later, one of my friends introduced me to Tomb Raider and Resident Evil: Biohazard. You wouldn’t believe that Jill Valentine was once my role model because she’s great in combats. And for Croft, she was quite an adventurer which I found tres genial! Me as a chubby little girl only have this simple dream: to have a great body and cute face like them. Wait, really? For our mutual surprise, yes I admit I once wished for that. Little that I realize, these representations of a female body was harming my concept of beauty.


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What is body image? According to Wikipedia, body image refers to a person’s feelings of the aesthetics and sexual attractiveness of their own body that may be forced by others or social media. Like most media, the characters represented in video games are developed with ‘idealized’ body type with small nose, small mouth, small face, symmetrical face, and good skin. Both men and women are portrayed unrealistically ‘beautiful’, and therefore we have our own ideas of body image, that affected by exposure to game. Even a study in 2008 found that young men and women experienced lower body satisfaction after fifteen minutes of playing a game where the characters were muscular (in the case of boys) or thin and attractive (in the case of girls). That’s sad!

game love

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img source: pedrowp.com

It’s impossible if you guys haven’t heard about Street Fighters, Dead or Alive, or any other games where women were over-sexualized. The majority of female characters in those kind of video games are portrayed in a highly sexualized way, being both thin and curvy, and depicted with revealing clothing. According to Beasley and Standley’s 2002 study, female characters were more likely to show skin than their male counterparts. It then confirmed that the design of game characters has not changed, as the continuation of the unrealistic body proportions. Though the games companies finally created much more games with heroines, it only created more ‘problem’ because they developed and designed them with male target audiences in mind.

So what do you think, will you play a game where the characters are less attractive but realistic? Or the ones with proportional body figures and flawed personality?

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img source: ign.com

P.S: I love playing The Last of Us, because it’s so realistic. The characters and everything. (Beside that I’m into survival game) 😀