Quoting Bernhard Schlink “The Reader”

“I’m not frightened. I’m not frightened of anything. The more I suffer, the more I love.
Danger will only increase my love.

It will sharpen it, it will give it spice.

I will be the only angel that you need. You will leave life even more beautiful than you entered it.

Heaven will take you back and look at you and say: Only one thing can make a soul complete and that thing is love.”


Slut and Bitch #1

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Lately, I discover that both ‘bitch’ and ‘slut’ have some negative values; to mock, to judge, to disrespect, and on. But bitch isn’t always a bitch, neither is slut. Shortly speaking, in the context of our present society, what are the differences between slut and bitch? How could one distinguish between both? Personally, when I don’t know how to define something, I’d make some binary oppositions, comparisons, criteria, and shits. These are some of my comparisons (a.k.a personal point of view, towards the differences) between slut and bitch to define each term.

Slut and Bitch

I might add the list later. But I think it’s enough for now.

I’m open to any addition, or comment. Or not.

Nah, I’m kidding.

Simplest things that make you happy

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1. Smile like it’s your first day of everything good that’s willing to be happen.
2. Start the day by writing everything that you want to do today in your note pad, then accomplish all of it.
3. Keep your promise. And don’t make promises unless you’re going to keep it.
4. Do not stalk! whether it’s your ex, your ex’s new gf/bf, or your ex’s ex new gf/bf, or whatever.
5. Do not care or listen to other’s opinions about yourself unless it’s useful.
6. Everytime you look at the mirror, don’t forget to smirk and say “Hi, gorgeous”
7. When you’re not feeling good about how you look, do something about it. (Trick: Wear your favorite’s
underwear, do some make up or wear your favorite’s shirt, do something different with your hair, wear your best shoes. Voila!)
8. Always say 3 magic words when it’s necessary, respect other people by respecting the folkways: Sorry, Please, Thank you.
9. Greet some strangers, give them your best smile.
10. Give some gifts to your friends with no reason at all.
11. Remember the fact that you’re just 1 out of 1 in the world.
12. Expect less. Targeting more.
13. Confidence is what makes you healthy, while over-confidence won’t make you fly.
14. Do not involve in a discussion group if the subject is just about someone else’s life.
15. Say whatever you want to say, ask questions like a 5 years old kid.

Kepikiran Karena Foto Vulgar

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Setelah melihat timeline si nona vulgar yang fenomenal dan seperti cuplikan film porno, gue jadi kepikiran dan gatel pengen komentar.

Menurut gue, mengelitiki laki-laki ga perlu pake fantasi yang literal banget loh. Ada juga lelaki yang lebih geli jika di-seduce dengan komunikasi. Why?

1. Men appreciate confidence,

2. Men prefer woman who is fully being herself,

3. Men are craving to know how to make you feels good.

Once you could ‘communicate’ those with your body language or verbally, till you both aware of each other’s comfiness, you’re their goddess.
I think girls who are smart enough, are definitely better lover. Because they know how to dive deep down to meet your soul, arousing your mind, while pleasing every inch of your burning nerves.

Men are dying to see your secretive dark world, your purest human nature before the moral adjustment, your very basic instinct; wilderness. It’s not only about physical. It’s about the meeting of two lonely soul, being one and complete. That’s where the heaven supposed to be.


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Kenapa gue marah? Semua gara-gara twitnya info Jakarta soal sebuah artikel yang menurut gue ENGGA BANGET. Kira-kira begini balasan RT twit gue terhadap Info Jakarta.

Soalnya tititnya terintimidasi, jadi makin kecil. lol. fucku RT @infojakarta: 5 Alasan Pria Tidak Menyukai Wanita Gemuk http://ow.ly/gEWKE

Gila kan. Judulnya aja “5 Alasan Pria Tidak Menyukai Wanita Gemuk”
Kata artikel tadi, laki suka sama perempuan langsing karena:

1. Lebih hot –> Lu pacaran sama dandang bekas masak aja sono, biar hot.

2. Lebih seksi –> Nyet, bodi montok kalo diajak ngobrol gak asik gmn? Bodi semok tapi gak nonton ovj satu hari langsung sakau, masih mau dipacarin?

3. Mudah diangkat –> Lu kira galon diangkat-angkat. Noh lu gendong wewe gombel aja noh.

4. Tidak Kurus –>> Gendut salah, kurus juga salah. Emang kita sapi potong, pake diukur bener beratnya.

5. Fleksibel di tempat tidur –>> Oh sukanya di tempat tidur doang? Kasian ga kreatip, otak lu sumpek ye. Kawin sama karet gelang aje gih bang

Semoga yang nulis artikel buru-buru dikawinin sama godzilla bunting. Amin

Teori Baru Tentang Cinta

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Hasil dari pemikiran yang terlalu dipikirin, kali ini menghasilkan sesuatu yang unik.
Gue sampe pada kesimpulan bahwa cinta itu allegory, ilusi, simulasi. Cinta sekedar trik kapitalis buat jual produk. Yang lo pada jalanin itu bukan cinta; itu namanya bargaining alias tawar menawar.

Nah, dalam bargaining position, yang terpenting adalah lo cari partner yang visi misinya sama. Kalo bisa pake sistem syariah. Insya Allah sama-sama untung.

Visi misi sama, kontrak jelas, MOU jelas, jalanin sungguh-sungguh. Udah gak usah ribet sama perasaan yang dibuat-buat, menye-menye baboon lu pada.


Cynical? Oh stop it you…

Dead Mine: Zombie Samurai or Samurai Zombie? or Whatever

After watching Dead Mine’s trailer, I was so confused actually. A samurai zombie????

I was like arguing with myself then I jumped into this conclusion. An archetype of a survival motley crew, deserted area, mishap, zombies, a cliche pattern of plot; well I must admit those are too typical. In my opinion, the voluptuous substance of a zombie-survival movie is not only the depiction of a brutal ordeal towards human anatomy. Many zombie movies are lacking of profundity because of the so-called ‘mechanical’ plot. Lack of emotion. Like an allegory of the zombie itself.

Here you go. Have a watch.


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I hate it when someone being so pushy. I hate it when someone overdo almost anything.

Exaggeration turns me off.

Why you insist that I could change my mind? No. You’re wrong. You’re wrong about me. You’re wrong about everything. I haven’t used my heart since my last ex. The cut was too deep, bled too much.

Now it’s already dead. Yeah, poor little thing.

Now, I keep that heart in somewhere safe. Nobody could touch it. Even me. So when I tell you that you have zero chance, then yes it is. You have absolutely none. I once lost myself because of someone. Now I have it back, I won’t let that happen again.

What irritates me? Your confidences like you know what’s in my mind. Your confidence to ‘control’ me beyond my consciousness.

What bothers me? Your stubbornness thinking that things would change, feelings would change, exactly like you want it to.

Several things change. Several things don’t.

It doesn’t mean you’re not good. Somehow something doesn’t feel right. I can’t trust you, and don’t want to either.